Postcolonial Literature

Today in our literature class we talked about Anita Desai a postcolonial Indian writter. Afterwards our teacher gave us an assignment.


Postcolonial Literature is the writting of stories, songs, poems and plays after the independence of a colonized country. Ej: India.

The colonial powers seek to impose their culture on the territories dominated in deterioration of native cultures.The natives were enslaved, forced jobs or sent to other lands. Then it comes to balance and integrate both cultures.

During the colonization native cultures were replaced by those of the colonizers. Post-colonial authors tried to balance both cultures.

Settlers try to justify their actions of domination, either by persuasion or by force, with multiple arguments against the world.



Post-colonial writers make more accurate and specific descriptions of the population and the pre colonial culture trying to correct previous errors overviews.

Many post-colonial writers use their own language which they add words or phrases in the native language or languages.

In other art forms (poems and dramas) postcolonial writers incorporated features of the native culture mixed with their own language.

The postcolonial writers want to find and establish again their lost identity, history and literature, and to decide their relationship with land and language of their past generations.

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