The League of Nations: Presentations.

Our teacher Lenny, assigned us a topic to develop.

This is her post introducing the topic and the groups.

My topic was the structure of The league of Nations. In this thinglink we explain the different sections of the League and it’s purpose.

I did it with Benjamin Mayol, Gonzalo Criniti and Santiago Blasco.


This thinglink was prepared by, Sybilla Correa Perkings, Rosario Segura and Milagros Mendez Peralta Ramos.

It’ s topic is disarmament.

Upper Silesia and Aaland Island:

This thinglink was prepared by Martin Anania, Francisco Lusso and Ignacio Maestro Malek.

It’s topic is two successes of the League which were Upper Silesia and Aaland Island.

Aims and Membership:

This thinglink was prepeared by Ines Galmarini, Flor Claps and Martina Ibarbia. It’s topic is the aims of the League and how memberships were managed by her.

Corfu and Bulgaria:

This presentation was prepared by: Victoria Landolfo, Margarita Muller and Rosario Vago.

In this presentation a failure, Corfu, and a success, Bulgaria, are explained.


This presentation was prepared by Juana Perez Muniz, Jeronimo Leguizamon, Federica Marty and Maria Roggero. It includes the five achievements the League had in her history. 

Vilna and the Geneva Protocol.

This presentation was made by Lucas Campion, Silvestre Braun Urien and Lola Villegas Argento.

It includes two failures which were the conflict in Vilna and the Geneva Protocol.

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  1. Your Thinglink is very good. Check the mistakes in the intro to the post: “assign us a topic to develope” & “The league of Nation”.


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