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Today, 2nd of march we met our teacher of oral and writting, Daniela. In order to introduce ourselves we played a game: Name Crossword. The game is a good way to learn each others name and get to know each other.The game consited of writting your name in the whiteboard and saying something that we liked, then someone who had the same likes would pass and say something different about them. For example, if someone said they like training hockey, somebody that liked training football would come next as they had something in common. The game was fun as it was a non traditional way to learn from each other. We would normally raise our hands and say something about us. But in this game you would only talk if you had something in common with the previous person.

I said I liked playing basketball, and I play since I am five I came right after Martin who said he liked sleeping.

With this game I got to know a little bit more of two people who started this year, Otto and Elena. Otto likes playing rugby and watching netflix and Elena likes drawing portraits. Also I learned that Daniela likes dancing.

I feel the game was a success as we got to learn from each other and in a fun way.


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  1. Lovely post. Not only do you explain the activity clearly but you also made sure you exhaustively analysed its purpose and result.

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