Who is my favourite booktuber?

Our oral teacher, Dani, gave us an assignment. This the assignment of commenting on booktubers. My own booktube will be published towards mid-May.

This are my top 3 booktube:

Number 1:

I really liked this booktube because he acted as the writers and he said exactly what goes threw writers minds, especially the killing of the favourite characters. The irony he uses has a good effect on the one who is watching, as it makes you laugh. And let’s face it, everyone’s favourite character always dies.

Number 2:

I enjoyed watching this booktube mainly because of the flow it’s got. I enjoyed how she relates music and literature, as music is everyone’s weakness. The fact that she is uses music, makes it interesting. Also they way she did it was original, and it is shown how much effort she put into it. Also the lyrics is sticky.

Number 3:

I really liked from this booktube how he relates the hunger games to our lifestyle, because, we, as readers, don’t normally do, so having that point of view really makes you think. I also like how the booktube was fast, because most of my booktubes last years were slow, just a narration of the book, me speaking to a camera, but this one was fast and the way he edited the video, gave it that feeling to.

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