Orange Juice Poem

Our writing and oral teacher, Daniela, told us to read the poem Orange Juice and write our own poem from the point of view of the thief. I did it with Martín.

We used to steal in London city,

until we got caught by the police.

We thought that ir would be easy,

tough it was quite a pity


Me and my dog had to leave,

and we found a new city,

Guernsey city,

which is very pretty.


Every house had a pint of milk,

and a carton of orange juice delivered.

So I had an idea,

I would send my dog to steal the milk from one house,

and I would nick the milk from another house.

We stole the milk and juice twice,

and the third time we got a spicy one.


When I had a gulp of the juice,


my mouth burnt.


So I instantly went to the park and,


My body splashed to the water.


Luckily my dog didn´t drink from that horrible juice,

I will never steal from that house again.

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