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Our literature teacher, Pato, gave us an assignment.
We were given the task to write an essay on Passion with kids from senior 1. I wrote my essay with Juan De Elia.
Explore how the writer of `Passion´ uses nature to express how she feels about love.                                             

The poem “Passion”, by Kathleen Raine deals with love. She uses nature to express this, because for the voice, passionate love is nature.Nevertheless she also uses human romance to express this feeling.  In the following essay we will explain how, Kathleen Raine uses nature and humans to express very strong feelings of affection.

At the beginning of the poem she is waiting for a call that never comes, she feels pain and that love is unfair. There are 2 lines that can prove that this is true: The first one is “Waiting for the longed- for voice to speak”, these means that the writer is sad and desperate for the phone call, also these means that human love is bad and it doesn’t last forever. On the other hand, the love of nature is immortal and good.

Then she changes her point of view about love and life.“Full of desire I lay… each tree Possessing what my soul lacked, tranquillity.”, she wishes for something and nature has it. The sky tells her “You have what you desire”, this means that she has what she needed, to be surrounded by nature. Also  “This your nature is”, as we can see that she is fine, nature and her now are one and that she doesn’t need anything except for nature.“Then I saw every visible substance turn Into immortal, …” She could see life clearly. This verse shows that we can see that nature helped the writer to understand that life and love are wonderful.

All in all, we can say that when the writer used humans to express love, she could only see it as bad and horrible. Not when she changed her point of view and started using nature to express love, she started seeing it as good and beautiful.

By: Juan and Vignesh

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