Language crime report test

Today, our language teacher gave us an assignment.

Watch the following extract. Now imagine you are a reporter. Write a crime report based on the events of the video.

Central Bank attacked by four men.

Yesterday afternoon the Central Bank Valencia was attacked. The robbers held 72 people hostage until they negotiated with the police. 

The four robbers entered the bank at 4:27 pm with shotguns. One of them entered the bank and stabbed the security guard; therefore the people inside the bank didn’t realize that they were under attack. Then they shot the cameras down so that the police couldn’t track their movements. One of the bank assistants pushed the button which informed the police about the attack.

When the police reached, the attackers freed 30 hostages. The police station was able to communicate with the robbers. The police informed us that they asked for money, a helicopter and to not be followed. The police sent them the money but ask in return to free all the hostages. The attackers accepted and freed the remaining hostages. 

Finally when the helicopter arrived, the police snipers were able to shoot three of the robbers. The fourth one is now in prison waiting for the trial. His solicitor says that he was still preparing what he was going to say in front of the jury. 


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