Nazi Germany

Our history teacher, Lenny, divided us into groups to do research and present a topic as regards Nazi Germany. I was assigned the economic aspect. Me and my group decided to make a glogster to show the class as a visual aid to accompany our exposure of the topic. Unfortunately, when we presented, there was a problem in which some information wasn’t saved to the glogster, but now it has been added.

After the presentations, Martin Leguizamon: a teacher at ORT and also the parent of one of my classmates, made a presentation in which he showed his trip through the “Marcha por la vida”. He also taught us the difference between  holocaust and shoah; and what was the final solution.

Then we visited the museum of the Holocaust. We saw; an interview made to some survivors; different people who took care of others during war, and what Martin told us was repeated.

Resultado de imagen para el museo del holocausto buenos aires


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  1. Good job, Vig!

    Just ONE picture from Museo del Holocausto?

    Why hasn’t the link been hyperlinked?

    7 (Seven)

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