Sredni Vashtar

Element of instaibility: The element of instability is that Conradin has five more years until he dies. And without his imagination he would die before.

Conflict: The conflict is that Conradin lives with his cousin, who hates Conradin, and he hates her back. It’s a mutual feeling.

Climax or Point of no Return: The point of no return is when Conradin’s cousin sells the hen

Falling Action: The falling action is when Conradin prayed to Sredni Vashtar to kill his cousin.

Resolution: The resolution when Conradin’s cousin died.

Analysis guide

1- Analyze the setting. Focus on mood and atmosphere.

As they a shed and a big garden, we can perceive that they a farm. Therefore they lived in the outer of the city.

2-  Describe Conradin´s cousin.

She was the antagonist of the story. She was very controling and harsh with Conradin, and didn´t care about his happines.

3-Describe the role of religion.

The role of religion in the story is very important. Because the Shed reprents Conradin´s church, and the ferret represents Conradin´s god.

4- What is the uncanny of the story.

The uncanny of the story is that Conradin prayed to the ferret, and he thought the ferret actually killed his cousin.

Compare the story we read and the video. Make a brief comment about this.

The video gave a more sad and gloomy atmosphere than the story because the story doesn’t give you a lot of description of the setting and the mood. Also, the video shortens the period of time when the actions occur because in the story Conradin watches the window for a longer time. Finally, the video gives you a foreshadowing of what was going to happen rather than the story, because when the glass breaks in the shed, as the video shows you, later on, the cousin cuts herself with her own glasses.

Do you agree with the analysis?

Yes, we agree with this prezi, because it is similar to ours. For example: religion is a very important feature in the story.

-Can you mention other themes?

Other themes are madness; when Conradin thought that the ferret killed his cousin. And hiding your true feelings.

-Can you find quotations for the themes mentioned in the presentation and those you have added?

-“The boy would not live another five years”
-“Whoever will break it to the poor child?”
Hiding your true feelings:
-“Conradin hated her with a desperate sincerity which he was perfectly able to mask”
Man vs Nature:
-“Sredni Vashtar was personally responsible for the toothache”
-“Sredni Vashtar, the great ferret”
-“It is not good for him to be pottering down there in all weathers”
-“Do one thing for me, Sredni Vashtar”


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