Rooms by Charlotte Mew

Our literature teacher, Pato gave us this assignment on “Rooms”. I worked with Felipe Vidal.

1.Charlotte Mew was born in  London in 1869. Charlotte was left with traumatic issues for the left of her life like mental illness, death and loneliness, after five of her six brothers and sister died. These issues then became themes in her poetry, that’s why “Rooms” is not a very amusing poem. Her first recognized poem was “The Farmer’s Bride” who was published in the Nation fourteen years after her father died in 1898. This poem is about the life an of a farmer and his young wife. The story finished with the farmer left alone in his farm yearning for his wife. Charlotte killed herself a year after Anne, the last sister she had, died in 1928.

2.In this poem, “room” is represented as a “space” where people can’t get out.

3.The paragraph is very related to the poem “Rooms” in a lot of ways. In the paragraph, they have described the rooms as a place where one could be whether they are sick or not. One is safe, at peace and can be with themselves and it protects them from the outside world, however, there are rooms where they are made for people who have gone through every room and have reached the final stage of their path.

4.The voice of the poem is focused on the sad past of the writer, Charlotte Mew. The tone is depressing and becomes nostalgic when she starts writing about the cities that she visited (Paris and Geneva)

5. The themes are nostalgic, passion and depressive.

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