Endocrine System: adrenaline ADH

  1. Study the effects of adrenaline and ADH after reading this link.

Act: a- Use bullet points to summarise the effects of adrenaline.

b- Describe 3 situations in which adrenaline is secreted. Post a picture to show the examples.

2. Draw a flowchart to show the effects of ADH:

– when there is TOO LITTLE WATER in the body.

– when there is MUCH WATER in the body.

3- Solve the quiz from this webpage. Take a screenshot and post it.

Question 1.

A. The effects of adrenaline are;

  • An increase in the heart rate
  • Raises blood sugar levels
  • Release fat into the blood
  • Increases blood flow to the muscles
  • Reduces blood flow to the skin and the intestines
  • Widens the bronchioles
  • Dilates the pupils

B. Adrenaline is secreted all the time in low amounts to help keep the body running normally. Whenever a person is under stress adrenaline secretion increases.

Stress can either be with physical involvement like being robbed or completely mental for example when sitting for an exam or when going under a problem at work or with family.


3. Did almost everything correctly except for the last exercise


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