War Poems

In our literature class, we are reading with our literature teacher, Pato Chujman, war poems. We started reading the poem called “Dulce Et Decorum Est”, written by Wilfred Owen. Afterwards, we read “Soldier rest!”, written by Sir Walter Scot and “The Death Bed”, written by Siegfried Sassoon. Then we read other poems related to war too from a webpage she gave us.

Task 1: 

Pato gave us a task to work on with it, we had to answer some questions about the poem “Dulce Et Decorum Est” in pairs. I worked with Juana Perez Muniz.

Task 2:

Afterwards, Pato gave us a new task. We had to read two poems: “Soldier, Rest!” and “The Death Bed” and prepare an analysis of them. I did this with Juana Perez Muniz.

Task 3:

After that we had to choose two different poems from this website, prepare an analysis of them and illustrate them with pictures. I worked with Juana Perez Muniz and we chose the poems “The Kiss”, written by Siegfried Sassoon and “In Time of The Breaking of Nations”, written by Thomas Hardy.

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