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When we talk we usually refer to a house and a home as different places. The Cambridge dictionary defines a house as a building that people, usually one family, live in. Whereas it defines home as someone’s or something’s place of origin, or the place where a person feels they belong. Therefore, we can see how a home is a place which one has an emotional attachment to. That is why we don’t usually say that our home is sad, as Philip Larkin does in his poem as homes are meant to be a place where one feels safe and comfortable and happy. One is not meant to be depressed or sad at their homes, and if they do then it probably means that something is not working there and you should look for somewhere else to call home.

After I found this image while browsing the internet I understood another meaning of home. Home is a place where one feels safe, happy, comforted, relaxed and something you care about.

Moreover, I also really liked a picture Juana has in her post about this poem.

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  1. Vig!! I love this post and the fact that you quoted Juana!!
    It is great to have a look at other people´s blogs and portfolios and to comment on their work.
    Leave a comment for Juana, se will appreciate it!!

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