Until I see you again!

Well, this is the end, until March comes around and we have literature again. Reality is, it is the first time I have really enjoyed the subject. I have never been very talented at analysing poems or stories and writing essays. But because this year our teacher presented the idea of the e-Portfolio my relationships has completely changed. Now literature is a subject that I look forward to, which I didn’t use to.

When preparing the Portfolio I was able to portray most of my intelligences, a project which the school seems to be very interested in. By combining a portfolio and the multiple intelligences, this project was really enjoyable. I didn’t have the pressure that I had to write an essay, but I could analyse literature my own way, by relating it to life, music, photos and quotes.

The topic I most enjoyed writing about has to be on “Ode of Melancholy”. I truly felt like I was able to express how I felt about the poem. When er were reading it I learnt a lot. This year has been very hard, a lot of time feeling down and stressed and it was not a year in which I felt a lot of pressure. I know understand that one cannot be happy all the time, and if you are going through a tough time, good things are bound to happen in the future.

The e-Portfolio has been a very good learning tool as I didn’t have the pressure of having a deadline I had to complete a task for. It let it do it at my own time, the way I felt I was comfortable with and in a very relaxed way, as I was not forced to prepare a presentation or an essay on each poem or story.

I am truly sad that this project is over, as it has allowed me to connect with the subject, and I understand the effort our teacher makes to always bring new ways of teaching the subject to us so that we are up to date with the new ways of learning around the world, in a more innovative and interactive manner. I hope that next year we can start a new project which sees us having so much fun as this year and learning a lot. It has been an amazing year as far as literature goes.


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  1. Vig!! Thanks so much for your kind, honest and sensitive words!!
    I am proud of you as a teacher and I am amazed at how much you have grown up and matured!
    Hope to surprise you next year with more ideas for you to express yourself!!
    Congrats on your portfolio!!

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