Online Language Test

Read Passage A carefully and then answer the questions.

Passage A:

First fill in the gaps with the correct tense and then answer the questions.

The Sleeping Giant

A new and extreme tourist attraction has just exploded on to the scene in

Iceland: Volcano Walking. It would appear, according to Trip Advisor, that

this is one trip that cannot be missed, despite the extortionate cost.

The idea of making Thrihnukagigur volcano accessible was the brainchild

of Ami B. Stefansson, a doctor in Reykjavik and a lifelong cave enthusiast.

He has been studying caves in Iceland since 1954 and some would argue

that there is no-one who has more experience. Thrihnukagigur has always

been special to Stefansson ever since he was the first to descend down to

the crater base in 1974. Like most people who experience it, he was utterly

spellbound by its uniqueness and beauty and made it his mission to

protect and preserve this stunning natural phenomenon. Unlike others

who may have only seen the profit that could be made from walking into

the mouth of a volcano, Stefansson believed that the primary focus was

to treat such a grand natural wonder with the utmost respect, to protect

and defend it. The first ‘volcano tourists’ entered the volcano in 2005 and

it has since been labelled as one of the most unique tourist attractions in

the world.

Volcano walkers are taken to the mouth of the crater from where they

are lowered in a basket into the depths of the earth. People once thought

that volcanoes were portals to Hell and associated with death and destruction

and yet the entrance to the crater is awe-inspiring and almost

ethereal. The vastness of it can feel overwhelming; it is the size of a cathedral

and the Statue of Liberty could easily fit into the shaft. After 6

minutes and 120 metres, visitors arrive at the crater base. The ground

space is the size of three full-sized basketball courts placed next to each.

Practice Paper: Text A (pt2)

At the bottom there is a reverent hush. People whisper in respect to the

sleeping giant who has lain dormant for 4,000 years. The subterranean

walls are scorched with colours from a divine palette: magenta red, vibrant

purple, burnt orange, vivid green and honey yellow. The colour intensifies

in certain places where 4000 years ago the magma was pushed

out with brutal force. This is Mother Nature’s secret place, her private art

studio where visitors feel like trespassers. The protruding rock faces show

a tapestry of patterns and formations that have been moulded by heat,

pressure and time. Floodlights illuminate the walls and draw attention to

the beauty humans were never intended to see. A light rain weeps from

the porous rock above and covers the crater sides with a shine that makes

it sparkle. The scorch marks can be seen close up – at one point in time

these rock faces were glowing red with fiery heat. This giant, although

sleeping, is still dangerous: an 80-metre drop into the void is disguised by

a collection of rocks close to where visitors stand.

It is a soul-enriching experience and visitors often report feeling deeply

moved by the beauty and tranquillity of something that was once so destructive

and angry. Confronted with this result of the unrestrained forces

of nature, it is hard not to feel small and powerless in comparison. Sadly,

the magical spell is broken when the ebasket appears, indicating that it is

time for visitors to return to reality. On the return hike, visitors walk

across the lava fields as though they are astronauts on the moon. They

pass enormous open wounds where the landscape is literally tearing itself

apart as tectonic plates slowly shift. It serves as one final reminder that

this giant is merely dormant, not dead.

Re-read the descriptions of:

(a) The volcano in paragraph 3, beginning, “Volcano

walkers… ”

depths of the earth.

mouth of the crater.

almost ethereal


(b) The crater in paragraph 4 , beginning, “At the


lain dormant

scorched with colors

a tapestry of patterns

Mother Nature’s secret place

Select four powerful words or phrases from each paragraph.

Your choices should include imagery. Explain

how each word or phrase selected is used effectively

in context.

Write about 100 to 150 words

Explain the meaning of the words in bold. Use synonyms to explain them.

The word mouth of the crater is terrifying and it makes us feel as if they are going to be eaten by the volcano. Depths of the earth  makes emphasis on the idea of the size of the volcano. Awe-inspiring is a reaction that is the opposite of the death and destruction mentioned in the previous sentence. The volcano, instead of being terrifying, provokes a response of wonder. Almost ethereal suggests it is heaven-like and spiritual. Scorched with colors sounds like an artistic technique but also refers to the heat that the crater has endured during the volcano eruption. Mother Nature’s Secret Place, nature is personified here and this image suggests that she hides here. The image alludes to the crater being private/secret/a retreat and very special. Tapestry of patterns and formations continues the ‘art’ theme and suggests that there is great skill involved in creating such amazing work.

Finish these sentences in an appropriate way.

If I hadn’t visited Mary last week, I wouldn’t have bought ice cream.

If I could help Sue, she would pass her driving test.

You need to study more if you want to go for that trip on December.

Why don’t you go to the doctor if you are feeling bad?

Suppose you had the chance of moving abroad, where would you go?

Jack can lend you the money as long as you give it back to him before the end of the month.

I wish I was taller. I would love to work as a model.

I wish you stopped smoking. It’s bad for your health.

Writing Task

Compare the two main characters of More than just the disease and Face. What do they have in common? Write a paragraph (90-100 words)Include at least one conditional sentence and one compound adjective. Include at least three of the following terms:

grope for – overcast- to prune- to scold- nosy- sip- to shiver- to hum- to quiver- reluctant- to coax- gloomy- to gleam- scorching hot- rusty- to scratch.

Neil, from More than just the disease and Martin Turner, from Face have something in common, this being their physical appearance and how it made them feel. To start with, both had the need to scratch their body, Neil because of the disease and Martin because of the consequences of the accident, by which his skin itched. Also, they both were reluctant at first to continue with a normal lives, because they felt different from the rest. Lastly, Neil and Martin Turner were coaxed to do something they didn’t wish to do.

Trabajo Práctico INTERNET 1

Hoy nuestra profe de Formación Ética y Ciudadana, Maria Laura Nasjleti nos pidio que realizemos este trabajo. 

Yo lo realize con Ignacio Maestro.


  1. Arpanet: Red de computadoras para enviar información militar.
  2. Internet: El Arpanet se diversifico y se empezó a usar con otros fines.
  3. Lenguaje HTML y World Wide Web: Una parte de internet accesible a ciertos navegadores.
  4. Mundo digital: Medios como el diario, la televisión y el cine se transformaron y migraron al mundo digital.


2) El Gobierno Abierto tiene como objetivo que la ciudadanía colabore en la creación y mejora de servicios públicos y en el robustecimiento de la transparencia y la rendición de cuentas.

3) Si se ha usado para las campañas electorales como publicidad y no hace mucho tiempo se propuso la idea de votar por internet. Nosotros pensamos que votar mediante internet no es una buena propuesta dado a que es más fácil de que los votos sean manipulados.

4) No, el internet no es libre en todos los países, sobre todo en las repúblicas que adoptaron el comunismo. Los gobiernos no quieren que su población reciba opiniones en contra del gobierno actual y logren revelarse, por eso estos respectivos gobiernos censuran lo extranjero para que los ciudadanos no se informen y comenten acerca de la realidad de sus países.


  • Hibridación y Convergencia: Los medios de comunicación que se utilizaron antes fueron la radio, el cine y los diarios. A partir de internet  se produjo una hibridación del soporte con  el uso de las laptops y los teléfonos inteligentes.
  • Participación de los usuarios: Los espectadores participan en las redes sociales, difunden la información, publican comentarios, producen sus propios materiales lo suben a la red y su unen comunidades para intercambiar información.
  • Cultura Participativa: Hubo una difusión de organizaciones culturales e informativas. Se dieron a conocer contenidos y se redefinieron las industrias culturales.
  • Autonomización del consumo: Transformación  de las industrias, audiencias y programaciones. un nueva etapa llamada on demand. Mejoras en la calidad tecnológica de vida.

6) Proponemos una plataforma en la cual alumnos pueden compartir sus apuntes y exámenes donde quienes lo necesiten por diversas razones los tengan a su alcance.


The respiratory system

Today our biology teacher, Male, told us to answer the followings questions about the respiratory system.

Look for a picture that shows the structure of the respiratory system

Use a flow chart to show the pathway of air along the respiratory tract. 

Nasal cavity –> Pharynx –> Trachea –> Bronchi –> Bronchioles –> Alveoli–> Exhange of gases –> Bronchioles –> Bronchi –> Trachea–> Pharynx–> Nasal cavity

Breathing movement: search a video which shows the structures involved in breathing.