Writting Transactional Letters

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to tell you how my experience I had in my Castile Spanish School Intensive Courses.

I feel this course was a waste of money as it did not show what the advertisement said. Firstly, the advertisement said I would live with a Spanish family, but I didn’t expect them being so unfriendly, so I couldn’t even practice while I was there. As regards my tutor, the advertisement said he would be highly experienced, but mine seemed he had only spoke spanish in elementary school and couldn’t even speak fluently.

Moreover the trip to the city which was highly advertised, was cancelled and I was not even given back the money, which is very irresponsible and shows lack of administration.

I am very sorry to say your course was disappointing and I wouldn’t tell anyone to attend it as it is not worth the money.

Yours faithfully,

Vignesh Manwani.

Never Stop on the Motorway

Task: write a summary of the story in no more than 90 words.

When Diana is on the highway on her way to her friend’s farm, she runs over a cat. She stops and when she starts driving again she notices a van is following her. The entire trip left was stressful for Diana, as a man followed her . When she approaches the house she shouts to his friend telling him to get a gun.  The man in the van tells that a man is in Diana’s trunk, they open the trunk and a man was crouching, they waited for the police.


Letter of Advice: Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing.

Our writing skills teacher, Pilar, gave us an assignment on the short story: Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing.

Task: Imagine you are Angela. Write a letter to a friend/relative telling him/her about the incident with Mr. Loveday. Explain how you have helped him and how responsible you are for what he has done. Write a letter asking for advice. (120-150 words).

Sigue leyendo

Writing Advice Letters

Our teacher Pilar gave us an assignment. It in page 45 of successful writing.

Hi Mark,

How have you been? What have you been upto? Since school started I don’t have as much time as I had before.

As regards what you said about the A-Levels, don’t worry. I am sure you’ll be able to get a degree. You still can get into college. If you even want to, you can call Cambridge and ask if you can re-write the exam. Even if they don’t allow you to, it’s not the end of the world. You are a great student and they won’t look only at those marks, they will look at the average of your high-school.

Hope you can figure it out and not get so stressed about it. Hope to hear what happens soon and that everything goes well. See you soon.


Edgar Allen Poe

Our writting skills teacher showed us a presentation on Poe’s life.

• Born in 1809 in Boston and died in 1849 in Baltimore
• He invented the short story, detective story, and science fiction
• He was abandoned by his father
• Served in the military
• Wrote for newspapers until he became a really famous author
• Woman created the science fiction and the novels
• Wrote a lot of poems, stories, essays, novels, plays
• Stories were groundbreaking
• It made people had a lot of fear
• He was not crazy but he suffered depresion
• He was paranoid of being buried alive
• His common themes were the dark settings, death, madness, being buried alive and personification