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«Lover’s Infinitness» John Donne

John Donne (1572-1631)
What kind of poet was he?
Metaphysical poet
Main topics
All (11 times)
Love (7 times)
Thy: your
Thee: you
Doth: does
Thou: you

Speaker: man
Addressee: woman
A man is talking to his beloved.

Check: lyrical I
(post in blog about lyrical i)
You don’t the gender it could be he /she/ it.

Hyperbaton: alteration of the logical order of the words in a sentence or in which normally associated words are separated.
It’s used for emphasis.

3 stanzas.
11 lines each.
Regular poem
Metaphysical poem.
Poem in 1st person.
Don’t confuse writer and voice.

1) summarize the stanza in your own words.
1-  The speakers says that if he doesn’t have her love yet, he will never do. He doesn’t want to suffer anymore for her love.
2 & 3) Love is a transaction.

4) Love is all for the voice.

He accepts that he will never have her love.

Stanza 2:

1) The stanza says that the man received little from his lover, and he knew that her had more so he asks her to give him all of it or nothing.

2) He was not the only one. Competition.  (Threads)

3) offer to pay a higher price for something than (another person). Others offer more than him.

4) He was the owner of her heart so he is the owner of everything there.

5) Nature.


New Vocabulary

Our language teacher, Laura, gave us an assignment:

  1. I receive a set of words.
  2. I classify them into ways of; movement; smiling; walking.
  3. I look for definitions.
  4. I look for good examples.
  5. I look for images.
  6. I prepare one short exercise for my mates.
  7. Laura shows us an example of final activity on
  8. I hand in the final assignment and exercise to Laura.

My work.


Word       Way of … Definition Example
Grin Smiling Smile Broadly Kyle grinned when he got back from the interview.
Tremble: Movement To shake Isabel was trembling with excitement.
Slam Movement To shut with force and loud noise He slammed the door when he left.
Wriggle Movement To turn the body with writhing motions. The rabbit’s nose wriggled.
Shiver Movement To shake. They shivered because of  the cold.
Whip it off:  Movement  To remove something, such as an item of clothing, quickly.  He whipped the coat off and dived into the water. I whipped off my cap.
Smirk Smiling To smile in an annoying self-satisfied manner. She took a look at the smirk on her face.
Giggle Smiling To laugh with separated short, spasmodic sounds. Evelyn’s giggle turned into outright laughter.
Cackle Smiling To laugh in a shrill manner. Her cackle was so annoying we had to shut her up.
Smile Smiling To regard with favor. Luck smiled as we told him our idea.
Lurk Movement To wait in concealment. He lurked in the garage.
Tip Toe Walking To move with caution. He tiptoed out of the room.
Prowl Movement  to rove or go about stealthily, as in search of prey, something to steal,etc. He prowled when he threw the bomb.
Hop Movement To make a short bouncing movement. She hoped up and down till she got tired.
Strut Walking To walk with the head erect. He strutted the whole day.
Stroll Walking To walk without hurry. He strolled down the beach.
Pop through
Quiver Movement To shake. He quivered when he heard the idea.
Shake Movement To move with jerky movements. I shook the juice container.







Whip it off: 






Tip Toe: 









6) Find the words

– See more at:

Edgar Allen Poe

Our writting skills teacher showed us a presentation on Poe’s life.

• Born in 1809 in Boston and died in 1849 in Baltimore
• He invented the short story, detective story, and science fiction
• He was abandoned by his father
• Served in the military
• Wrote for newspapers until he became a really famous author
• Woman created the science fiction and the novels
• Wrote a lot of poems, stories, essays, novels, plays
• Stories were groundbreaking
• It made people had a lot of fear
• He was not crazy but he suffered depresion
• He was paranoid of being buried alive
• His common themes were the dark settings, death, madness, being buried alive and personification

«The Prison» Summary

OUr literature teacher gave us an assignment which was to summarize the story.

Tony Castelli he was almost 30 years old and he had to set up, he was an American with Italian parents, who came to America In the 1920’s after the 1st World War.  At the age of 29 he married Rosa who changed his name to Tommy to sound more American, her father and his arranged to marry, then he tried to leave to Texas but he failed and got back (he was doomed). Rosa’s father gave Tommy a job in a candy store. His life was a screaming bore he felt in a mental prison. One day he saw a nine year old girl stealing candies, he saw himself reflected on the girl (Epiphanic moment). He feels guilty because he thinks that the girl when she grows up she will be like him, a robber. So one day he decided to say to the girl that stealing is bad, but he backed down. Then he kept on thinking but he never acted. Once he put pennies and candies and the girl took the candy. Then he understood that she was a little girl who only wanted sweets. Then he decided to put a letter in one of the chocolate bars, saying that she should stop stealing because it would come back one day to her and he signed the letter as “your friend”. But the girl didn’t show up during his shift. But when it was Rosa’s shift, and the girl came and stole one chocolate bar, Rosa found out, she grabbed the girl by the neck and shook her while she was punishing her. Tommy with the noise came down. He beat Rosa and asked her why was she hitting the girl, she answered and Tommy said he gave her the chocolate.