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Tsunami reports.

With Pilar, our writing teacher, we saw a fragment of the movie «The Impossible», after watching this she gave us an assignment. We had to a news report in which we act as reporters writing a report on the Tsunami. In the second writing we had to write a diary entry or  a blog entry in which we tell our story as survivors of the tsunami.

News report.

Devastating Tsunami hits Thailand.

Tsunami destroys Phuket, south Thailand, as a consequence of Indian Ocean earthquake in the 26th of December. Many deaths, injured and missing.

Thailand was affected by the Indian Ocean earthquake. This tsunami hit Thailand as an effect of the earthquake in the Indian Ocean.

There were over 5.000 deaths in Thailand and most of them were in the region of Phang Nga. Many tourists were at that moment because of the holidays and this is one of the causes of why there were so many deaths. In Phang Nga there were more foreign deaths than national deaths. Also Krabi & Phuket had over 100 foreign deaths. As regards injured people, there were over 2.000 foreigners injured and more than 5.000 Thais hurt. Many houses, shops and hotels. People near the coast did not have a chance to survive.

Hotel managers and shop managers say that they will open again as soon as possible, as they until they do open again, they will be losing money. Many people will be living in the streets, up till they get a new home, money and help.

Diary entry.

I have just survived a tsunami.

I went for the December holidays to Thailand. We reached in the 24th of December; we spent Christmas Eve in the hotel as we were just looking for a relaxing and cosy night. We slept already late but not enough for the kids to wake me and my wife at 9am, they wanted to open the presents. Christmas day was beautiful; we had breakfast, went to the beach and lay in the sand. It was night again and we went to bed again. We woke up early again, because of the kids; we showered, got dressed and went to have breakfast. We had breakfast as every other day. But something was going to change. This time instead of going to the beach, we decided to have a lazy day and stay back in the hotel room doing a movie marathon. We watched several movies before everything changed. We were watching “Back to the Future Three”, when we saw from the window, from the distance everything coming down as something of cutting it from the bottom. But as time was passing by, we were in front of a gigantic and dirty wave. I thought that was the end, I was going to die so I hug my kids, took a deep breath and waited for the worst. But when I felt I was hit by the wave I prayed for the best. But in about ten minutes, the worst was over and I was alive, but I couldn’t see my kids. I felt I rather be killed if I didn’t have my kids and wife.  But then I heard a voice begging for help. I wanted to help, so I did my best to swim to the voice and help. When I found the kid I helped him to get rid of everything that was wrapping him and us swimmer to safety. When we were in firm land we found his mother, with a smile in her face, and that is when I realized me there many ways of being happy, and my mine was to help people be happy. Until someone came to help us, I was helping everyone I could to get to the hospital. When someone got there to help us, I went to a hospital. Now I am at the hospital waiting to get my surgery.

Analysing Romantic poems

This class we analysed the elements of romantic poems that we have already read. I did it with Francisco Lusso and Jeronimo Leguizamon.


Element-Poem The Clod and the Pebble Passion She was a Phantom of Delight.
Escapism Yes. “Then the sky spoke to me in language clear” She escapes from realism, she spoke to the sky and the nature because she is sad.
Nature Yes. “Trodden with the cattle’s feet”. Cattle means bovine animals and it’s is probably in the countryside. Yes “This your nature is” She is in love  with nature and she is nature.
Hellenism Yes. “And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair”. The Clod believed she lived in a world of happiness, love, innocence, generous. Yes “ heartbreak” She loves someone but he didn’t love her. He is in love with the woman.
Imagination Yes “ Then I saw visible substances inmortal” She imagines that the sky is giving an answer to her. He is exaggerating  perfection of this woman.
Supernaturalism Yes. “So sung a little Clod of Clay”. This is supernaturalistic as Clod’s don’t sing.   Yes Not every day you can find a perfect woman.
Subjectivity Yes. “Love seeketh only self to please”. Each rock gives their opinion.


Interviewing Michael Morpurgo.

Our language teacher, Laura, gave us an assignment related to the book we are reading in her class; War Horse.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to write a book retelling World War One?

Michael: Well, many people in my village went to war and when those who survived told me their experiences, I felt that everyone should know how it felt.

Interviewer: But, why did you decide the narrator to be a horse?

Michael: Because, if the narrator had been British for example, the book would have had the British point of view, and I didn’t want that, I wanted to show how people lived during war. And a horse gave me what I needed; he was British, German and French.

Interviewer: Has anyone been the base for some characters?

Michael: No, I took the experiences from the people I know, and tried to make the most similar as possible.

Interviewer: In the book, did you feel identified with any character.

Michael: Mostly with the British, but with Albert I feel more identified, because of his way of living maybe but I haven’t really thought enough about it.

Interviewer: Have you ever ridden a horse?

Michael: Yes, but now I am too old to do so.

Interviewer: How did you feel about the play?

Michael: Well, the play was amazing, the acting, music and puppetry were really good, and that is what made it so amazing.

Interviewer: How did it become a film?

Michael: One day Mr. Spielberg came to me and told me, that this book could be a really good movie. So what he did was to take the best from the book, the best from the play and created something this amazing movie.

Interviewer: Well, it is time to leave now, thank you for your time Mr. Morpurgo. It has been a pleasure.

Michael: Thank you for inviting me.

Interviewer:  Hope to talk to you again in the future for some amazing book of yours.

Trabajo observaciones.

Para el trabajo de los snacks había que realiazar observaciones sobre lo que compran la gente.

A mi grupo le toco observar en el colegio.

Mis observaciones.

Mi trabajo


En conclusión, habría que decidir que margen de edad es al cual pretendemos vender y hay que tener en cuenta los sabores debido a que a un mayor no  tiene los mismos gustos que un niño. Por lo tanto hay que decidir si debe ser salado o dulce, el envoltorio; si es menor algo atractivo y a un mayor algo que lo llame pero que también demuestre que es algo saludable, también hay que tener en cuenta si sobre el envoltorio sobre su usablidad; si se puede cerrar para guardarlo para mas tarde, si va a ser sencillo de abrir o si es cómodo para sacar la comida de ahí y demás cosas pero no se relacionan con las compras en el colegio.


Cuadro de conectores.

Hoy con Carol, hicimos estos cuadros.

Conector Idea/noción Ejemplo
Debido a, a causa de, porque, por eso, por, puesto que, con motivo de, ya que. Causa Murió debido a un infarto
Entonces, así que, luego, pues, por lo tanto, de modo que. Consecuencia Estaba en la calle entonces se compro una coca.
Pero, aunque, sin embargo, no obstante, contrario. Oposición Desaprobé pero aprobé el trimestre.
Igualmente, de igual modo, lo mismo,  al igual que, Igualdad



Conector Idea/noción. Idea.
Antes de que, hasta que, en aquel momento, Anterioridad ·         Antes de que yo llegase, no habíamos progresado.

·         Hasta que yo llegue murieron 2 personas.

·          En aquel momento el perdió el partido.

Después de que , posteriormente, luego, a continuación, tan pronto como, finalmente, Posterioridad ·         Luego de que yo llegue, jugamos al ajedrez.

·         Finalmente nos cansamos.

·         Tan pronto como Gon llego, comenzamos el partido.

·         A continuación  comenzara la

·         película.

·         Después de que  yo termine, Gon termino.

·         Finalmente, termino la película.

Mientras tanto, mientras, simultáneamente, entre tanto, a la vez, al mismo tiempo, cuando, en simultaneo. Simultaneidad ·         Mientras tanto, superan llego a su destino.

·         Mientras que, su amigo firmaba, él se reía.

·         Hacían el trabajo simultáneamente.

·         Entre tanto lio, se me perdieron las llaves.

·         Hacían trabajos distintos a la vez.

·         Al mismo tiempo que yo construía ellos, diseñaban la próxima casa.

·         Cuando trabajan en simultáneo es más eficiente.