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«An Inspector Calls» by J.B. Priestly

On Friday the 11th we started reading our play for the GCSE examination; An Inspector Calls.

The play has three acts which all take place in a dinning room of a suburban house.

The background.

It was written in 1945, and the time period of the story is 1912. Priestly was against Capitalism and in the story Arthur Birling is shown as a capitalist man. The story is set in the Edwardian Era, were there was prosperity for the middle class and industrialist. But also, the working class was discontent which led to strikes.

The characters are:

  • Mr. Arthur Birling Father: He is very money minded, he thinks the titanic is unsinkable and that war was not coming. As Priestly reflects capitalism in Arthur we can say that he pays poor wages and earns a lot of many.
  • Mrs. Sybil Birling Mother
  • Sheila Birling Daughter
  • Eric Birling Son: Loves drinking. The black ship of the family.
  • Gerald Croft Sheila’s fiancée: He is a liar, he told Sheila that he was very busy with work when he was actually having an affair. He is part of the upper class, and that is why Arthur wants him to marry her daughter, it meant more money.
  • Inspector Goole
  • Eva Smith

Now that we’ve finished reading act one, we answered some question that are the end of book.

I answered from 9 to 14 with: Lucas, Gonzalo and Martin.

Fran and Otto answered questions 24, 25, 26 and 27.


Maria, Margui and Miu answered questions 12,13,14,15,16 and 17.

Ignacio, Benja, Jero, Santi answered questions 19,20,21,22 and 23.

Fefi and Sil answered questions 3,4,5,6 and 7.

Juana, Chivy, Flor and Ele answered questions 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Vicky, Lola and Ine answred questions 6,7,8,9 and 10.

An Inspector Calls

Rochi V, Martu and Rochi S answered questions 1, 2,3,4 and 5.

Act Two:

Now that we finshed reading Act 2, we did an analysis of two steps.

First we did a mindmap relating Mrs. Birling, Gerald, Eric, Sheila and Mr. Birling to Eva Smith.


And the second step was answering question 1;2;6;7;19;20;21 and 22.

  • 1. What is the mood at the dining room at the start of act 2?

The mood at the dining room at the beginning of act 2 is tense. They were talking about Gerald’s affair with Eva Smith, and the Inspector left them alone to discuss this problem. Here the mood started being more tense, since they were going to get married and Sheila discovered that Gerald had been cheating on her with another woman, Daisy Renton.

  • 2. Why do Gerald and Sheila react “bitterly” to each other?

They were disappointed with each other as Sheila discovered that Gerald had cheated on her with Eva.

  • 6. How does Mrs Birling re-enter the dinning-room? Why does Sheila warn her?

Sheila understood how the Inspector thought and she knew he was playing mind games, trying to make everyone curious and trying to get each other to fight. When Mrs. Birling entered she was very assured that Eva had nothing to do with her, although she was wrong. So Sheila, warned her mother for her to know that something bad was coming.

  • 7. What is Mrs Birling’s attitude to Eva Smith?

Mrs. Birling completely ignored the possibility that she was responsible for Eva’s death. When Eva asked for help in her charity she used her power inside the committee to get her request denied, only because Eva made herself be called Mrs. Birling, when she knew that there weren’t other Birlings outside her family. She blamed the father of the baby, since she thought it was his responsibility.



  • 20. What makes Sheila suddenly aware of Eric’s involvement?

Sheila realizes how important was Eric when her mother started describing the father of the baby of Eva Smith; he was young, rich, drunk and jobless. Then when Eva when to the charity, she used the surname Birling. These made Sheila recognize who the father of the baby was, Eric.

  • 21. Why does Mrs Birling react in a “frightened” way?

Mrs. Birling reacts in a frightened way because she still thought that Eric was a child, that he wasn’t capable of doing such things like getting drunk, stealing and getting a girl pregnant. Also she said she denied Eva’s petition because it was the father’s responsibility, therefore it was Eric’s responsibility.

  • 22. What is the mood at the dining-room as Eric re-enters?

When Eric re-enters the dinning room, everyone was shocked, because they discovered his relation with Eva.



Name crossword

Today, 2nd of march we met our teacher of oral and writting, Daniela. In order to introduce ourselves we played a game: Name Crossword. The game is a good way to learn each others name and get to know each other.The game consited of writting your name in the whiteboard and saying something that we liked, then someone who had the same likes would pass and say something different about them. For example, if someone said they like training hockey, somebody that liked training football would come next as they had something in common. The game was fun as it was a non traditional way to learn from each other. We would normally raise our hands and say something about us. But in this game you would only talk if you had something in common with the previous person.

I said I liked playing basketball, and I play since I am five I came right after Martin who said he liked sleeping.

With this game I got to know a little bit more of two people who started this year, Otto and Elena. Otto likes playing rugby and watching netflix and Elena likes drawing portraits. Also I learned that Daniela likes dancing.

I feel the game was a success as we got to learn from each other and in a fun way.