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The Manchurian Crisis.

Our history teacher, Lenny, gave us an assignment, which can be found here. 

Question 1.  How does the video open? What might the connection between the League and the opening scenes in Poland be?

The video opens saying that the League of Nations failed to create stability and it failed to create peace in the 1930s. The opening scene shows a castle in Poland being attacked. Perhaps the League wasn’t able to solve problems which then in 1939 led to war.

Question 2.  What problems did Japan face? (Mention ALL of them)

The population in Japan was booming, isolated country, it needed to build up traces to receive nessesary resources that they didn’t have, unemployment was high and agriculture fate was brought in  a big scale.

Question 3. What was the role of the army in Japan?

The army was more powerful than politicians. They also  controlled education and martial art techniques which was compulsory since a very early age.

Question 4. What did army leaders believe Japan needed?

Army leaders believed that territorial gain in east Asia would benefit them. They already controlled Korea and after the war in 1905 with Russia let them keep their troops in Manchuria.

Question 5. What was the value of Manchuria?

Machuria was mostly barren, but it had vast resources which were needed by Japanese for their economy.

Question 6.  What happened at Mudken?

Extremists were concerned that leaders in Tokyo, weren’t going to take Manchuria. So they infiltrated gasses in Manchuria and persuaded them to take on Manchuria’s army. This was sabotaged and their was an explosion.

Question 7.  What did the League do about it?

The League told Japan that they should withdraw from Machuria if the didnn’t want to receive economic sanctions, since they had already been morally condemned.

Question 8. What was Japan’s reaction to the decision of the League?

Japan didn’t care about what the League said and she wasn’t worried about her economy since she didn’t think the League would proceed with the sanctions.

Orange Juice Poem

Our writing and oral teacher, Daniela, told us to read the poem Orange Juice and write our own poem from the point of view of the thief. I did it with Martín.

We used to steal in London city,

until we got caught by the police.

We thought that ir would be easy,

tough it was quite a pity


Me and my dog had to leave,

and we found a new city,

Guernsey city,

which is very pretty.


Every house had a pint of milk,

and a carton of orange juice delivered.

So I had an idea,

I would send my dog to steal the milk from one house,

and I would nick the milk from another house.

We stole the milk and juice twice,

and the third time we got a spicy one.


When I had a gulp of the juice,


my mouth burnt.


So I instantly went to the park and,


My body splashed to the water.


Luckily my dog didn´t drink from that horrible juice,

I will never steal from that house again.

Who is my favourite booktuber?

Our oral teacher, Dani, gave us an assignment. This the assignment of commenting on booktubers. My own booktube will be published towards mid-May.

This are my top 3 booktube:

Number 1:

I really liked this booktube because he acted as the writers and he said exactly what goes threw writers minds, especially the killing of the favourite characters. The irony he uses has a good effect on the one who is watching, as it makes you laugh. And let’s face it, everyone’s favourite character always dies.

Number 2:

I enjoyed watching this booktube mainly because of the flow it’s got. I enjoyed how she relates music and literature, as music is everyone’s weakness. The fact that she is uses music, makes it interesting. Also they way she did it was original, and it is shown how much effort she put into it. Also the lyrics is sticky.

Number 3:

I really liked from this booktube how he relates the hunger games to our lifestyle, because, we, as readers, don’t normally do, so having that point of view really makes you think. I also like how the booktube was fast, because most of my booktubes last years were slow, just a narration of the book, me speaking to a camera, but this one was fast and the way he edited the video, gave it that feeling to.