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Ode of Melancholy, a life lesson!

When we were reading and analyzing the poem in class I understood the real meaning of the poem. How sometimes life gets hard and unbearable, you don’t feel like going on, like there is no reason to keep going. Maybe this could be because of disappointment or of lack of love in your life. But no matter what thoughts go through life, one has to understand that life will get better, not easier, but better! There is a famous quote which I’ve seen many times scrolling down my Instagram feed which says; «Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger», which is completely true as one learns from different situations.

I can imagine the life of John Keats, losing his parents when he was young, the lack of a parental figure, the economic hardships, they all add up, and it can destroy you. I guess that’s where he got the inspiration of this poem from. He must have been depressed for several periods of time during his life, maybe asking himself if it was still worth to go one with his life, or it would’ve just been better to end it faster. This poem can help out many people who are going through tough times and I am glad that some people are brave enough to talk about and share their experiences with others, who may be going through the same, giving them hope and faith that they will get stronger and their lives will improve, as after a slump, no matter how long it is, one goes into a growth period.


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The lady in the looking glass and snow-white, how do they resemble?

In the lady in the looking glass we are shown that what we want to see or be seen as is not always how it reallity is, and this may have negative consequences. In snowwhite the stepmother of snowwhite realises that she wasn’t told what she wanted to hear. This teaches us that if we are not prepared for reality or what other people have to say, we shouldn’t ask for opinions, specially if we are not able to use them constructively, and just receive them as negative criticism.

Why «Dulce et Decorum Est» may have a connection with Argentina?

As an Argentinean I am aware my country doesn’t normally get involved in wars, however, when we have been involved we were heavily outperformed by our rivals. Our soldiers, during the war for the Falklands with Britain, were told that it was sweet and noble to fight for their country.

There is a song by fun. that talks about soldiers who don’t know who they stand for. I recommend you all to listen to the lyrics of the song as it has a lot to do with war and the mentality of soldiers.

«The Destructors» seemed a bit familiar!

While we were reading the story «The Destructors» by Graham Greene I felt like I already knew the story, all the events and characters and their personalities seemed quite familiar. Then I realized that I had played a video game that copied all of these. If you have a look at the story of Grand Theft Auto V, then you will be able to see how they resemble. It is clear how Blackie can be connected with Mike from the game, Trevor from the story and Trevor from the game to, finally Mike from the story and Franklin from the game. At first Blackie and Mike were in a relationship were one had more power than another, but then T got in the middle and challenged Blackie. The same happened in the game! Moreover, in the game there is a task were the gang pulls down a house with a truck. just like in the story! I haven’t found any source that says that the company that created the game got inspired by the story, but it is a possibility.