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Contrast Essay

Essay Writing in Poetry.


This essay will be about the poems » The Clod and the Pebble» by William Blake» and  » Love iii» by George Herbert. These poems deal with love, but in different ways.


«The Clod and the Pebble» by William Blake is about a clod and a pebble that discuss what love is about. The clod says that love is beautiful the poem says»Love seeketh not itself to please«, this means that love is for everyone, it is not selfish, love is generous.  The last line of the first stanza say “And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.» This means that love is heaven in hell, love is good no matter in who or where. But the pebble says that love is bad. The Pebble in the poem says «Love seeketh only self to please» this means that love is selfish and makes you suffer.  An the last line of the third stanza says “And builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite.» This means that wherever there is love there is hate and cruelness.


«Love iii» by George Herbert is about secular love, acceptance of God’s love, changing your mind and accepting God. In the poem «Love»  is symbolizes God, this means that the poem is about God’s love, religious love, as the witter is a priest. The poem is a conversation between two people, God and a normal person who rejects God. God still loves him because no matter what, he will always loves us, he created us and love’s us. “Love bade me welcome. Yet my soul drew back” this means that God said hello but he didn’t want to talk to him. “You must sit down, says Love, and taste my meat          So I did sit and eat.” Here it says that he finally accepted God and talked to him.
The conclusion is that these two poems deal with two different types of love. «The Clod and the Pebble» with love between two persons and «Love iii» with love between a person and God.