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The eye as a sense organ

For this week, we were assigned the following task by our Biology teacher.

  • In pairs, add a video which shows the pupil reflex in your eyes.
  • Using your reflex actions´knowledge , sketch the sequence of the pupil reflex. State the stimulus, receptors, coordinator, effector, effect, response and all the neurones involved.
  • What is the importance of this reflex?
  • Booklet act: COMPLETE questions 1 b and c on page 9.

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Endocrine System: hormones and their effects

Our biology teacher, Male, gave us this assignment for this week’s virtual period.

  1. A hormone is a chemical substance in the body which administrates the functioning of organs and cells.

3. Insulin regulates glucose levels in blood. Whenever we eat carbohydrates, we ingest glucose. If the glucose levels we ingest are very high, it could cause problems if it weren’t for the hormone of insulin, which regulates the amount of glucose and stores the excess glucose as glycogen in the liver. If insulin is not produced because of a problem in the pancreas, that extra amount of glucose which we ingest wouldn’t be regulated and it would lead to an illness, such as diabetes.

The respiratory system

Today our biology teacher, Male, told us to answer the followings questions about the respiratory system.

Look for a picture that shows the structure of the respiratory system

Use a flow chart to show the pathway of air along the respiratory tract. 

Nasal cavity –> Pharynx –> Trachea –> Bronchi –> Bronchioles –> Alveoli–> Exhange of gases –> Bronchioles –> Bronchi –> Trachea–> Pharynx–> Nasal cavity

Breathing movement: search a video which shows the structures involved in breathing.