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Games at Twilight

Friday 24th

In Literature class we saw a prezi about Anita Desai, the author of this story.

Tuesday 28

«theory: rite of passage».

1. Anthropology. a ceremony performed to facilitate or mark a person’s change of status upon any of several highly important occasions, as at the onset of puberty or upon entry into marriage or into a clan.
2.any important act or event that serves to mark a passage from one stage of life to another.


First paragraph
Place: a house
Time: summer teatime
Weather: too hot
Social conditions: middle class routonary life conditiones bu weather
Mood: tense. «Confinement» in prision. Wrtained and shuttered. Lungs stuffed with cotton wool, couldn’t breath. Choke, sofocated too hot oppresed.

Second paragraph

  • Find images of animals. What are they doing?
  • Find phrases or words in connection to ‘death’
Birds, drooping   almost dead from exhaustion.
Dog  as if dead   dying travellers
Parrots   feel out of the tree  like dying
Squirrels limp
Begging for simpathy  who’s begging for simpathy in the end?
Mira   motherly figure

Point of view: 3rd person
Omnisient   narrator is outside the scene.  Elevated   formal language    full of literary terms.

When Manu is caught, Ravi fwsla it could have been him

Specular momemt (mirror)
Ravi   Manu  (specular)

Whatever that has lots of descriptions is limited.

Today we did a presentation with the full analysis of the story.