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Song by Alun Lewis

This year in literature, we have been divided into groups and given poems to analyze. I worked on Song by Alun Lewis next to Rosario Vago, Ines Galmarini and Otto Kreutzer.

To begin with, we did some research on the poet. We learned that Alun Lewis was a welsh poet, who died in 1944, at 28 years of age, during a campaign to Japan. He was a pacifist who went to war, to try to finish with fascism.

Secondly, we worked on an analysis of the poem. We interpreted the poem as the passing of the husband of a woman and how she deals with it throughout time.  We understood the poem as her process of moving on. How she was stuck, but through time and realizing her husband was no more, it was time to move on.

Moreover, we came up with another interpretation of the poem. We could also understand it as if the poem described the life as a pregnant woman, whose baby passes away in the third term and the woman has to deal with this lose.

This poem is full of literary devices such as enjambment, symbolisms, personification, metaphors and imageries.

Following this, we looked for a song which we could relate to the poem. We decided on the son of could which you can find in the presentation. We felt that the lyrics next to the slow rhythm made this song perfect for this poem.

Lastly, we created a Kahoot, which made the end of the presentation a lot of fun.

«Love III» by George Herbert

For the last 2 literature classes we have been analyzing and talking about the poem » Love III» by George Herbert.

In our first class we took notes about Herbert and the poem in Evernote.

  • Christian Priest.
  • Religious Poet.
  • Xviii Century.

In our 2nd class we analyzed the poem.

The poem is about a person that feels guilty of sin and Love who is God. The guy says that Love welcomed him but he rejected his love because he feels he doesn’t deserve it. Later on Love tells him again to come to him but the guy was surprised and said « I the unkind, ungrateful?«. Finally in the third stanza the guy said yes.
My conclusion is that love is always waiting for you and wants by his side, it doesn’t mater if you are a liar or honest. He loves you anyway.
 Tone  Religious, sinful, guilty
 Voice  A guilty person
 Theme  Secular love. Acceptance of God’s love. Changing your mind and accepting God.
 Literary figures & effect on the reader.  Imagery, resolution, point of view, theme. tone, metaphor, personification.

Allegory: a representation of abstract ideas.                  By characters/ figures or events in                  narative.

Example: God(Love) on Love iii


Enjambment: moving over from one line to another without a terminating punctuation mark.

In our third class we learned new literary terms.